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About Us - Get to know our techs
Lorenzo Lara - a.k.a. "Lara", has been with us from the start. He is a very special and important part of our team. He got his start from pulling parts off of cars in a salvage yard and has worked his way up to be one of the top auto technicians in the area. He brings to the table, his tenacity to get the jobs finished on time, and the perfection he strives for every time he picks up a wrench. His knowledge is second to none and he pays attention to details on everything he does, from oil changes to motor changes. Lara and his wife Maria have lived in Buda over 30 years.

Ralph Jaramillo - Ralph is the newest member of our team. Ralph has been with us for just a little over seven years. He is very educated in the automotive system and specalizes in computer diagnosis and emissions and has become the local "guru" of electrical repairs. We have had several people tow cars over here from various dealerships because they couldnt figure out the problem, and Ralph solved all the problems that dealers could not. For only being 37 years old, he continues to amaze us at his knowledge and ability to properly diagnose problems.  Ralph fit right into our family here and we welcome him with open arms. He and his wife live in Cedar Creek with their five children.

T.J. Warmington - T.J. has been a member of the shop (in one way or another) since he was a kid. He spent most of his childhood here doing odds and ends around the place, which is how he made his allowance. He began really working here part time in 1999, while the rest the time he was/is in school. He is just as much a part of Buda Auto as Buda Auto is a part of him. He grew up here, learning lessons on auto repair as well as lessons on life. Many of our customers have watched him grow up from a kid in grade school to a college graduate. Aside from the occasional provoking of the father-son bickering, he is good to have around.

Ellie Warmington - Ellie helped Tim start Buda Auto in 1986. She handles all of the paperwork and deals with the insurance companies and warranty policies. If you call us, there is a 99% chance you will be talking to her. She blesses us daily with her bright shiny smile and positive attitude. She is important for many reasons though, such as staying at the shop so everyone can go to lunch, paying everybody, and other things that nobody else wants to do.

Tim Warmington - Tim has had a very long history with car repair. He spent his youth repairing cars and building his own (1966 GTO).  After high school graduation, he enrolled himself in Northwestern Business and Technical School in Lima, Ohio. He worked on the assembly line building Camaros and Firebirds in the late 70's. In 1979 he moved to Texas, where he started working for Mechanic on Wheels. You may remember him from guesting on KLBJ radio with Carolyn Jackson and television "Good Morning Austin" in the 80s, where he took phone calls and answered questions.  He and Ellie got married during his employment at Mechanic on Wheels in 1983, The following year their first son (T.J.) was born. He worked doing sevice calls for about 7 years until Mechanic on Wheels went out of business. He then decided to start his own business in Buda back when it was a tiny community.Their daughter Donna also worked cleaning the shop while she was in high school.  In 1988, he and Ellie's 2nd son (Josh) was born. For the past 25 years, Tim has held Buda Automotive together with his integrity and charismatic personality.

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