Buda Automotive
"Old Fashion Service with Today's Technology"


Buda Automotive 
Diagnostics & Repair

"Old Fashion Service with Today's Technology"
601 South Loop 4
Buda Tx. 78610
512-295-2832 (295-BUDA)

Looking for a full service auto shop you can trust? Look no further!

Back in 1983, Tim Warmington moved to Buda. He was curious to see if an honest mechanic could make a living and decided to start Buda Automotive. For the first year, he had his shop in the old garage behind the Buda Elementary school upper campus until January of 1988 than moved to the warehouse behind Innovative Cabinets, at 601 South Loop 4. Since then, Buda Automotive has grown and now employs three full time technicians. Lorenzo Lara has been with Buda Automotive since 1988 and Ralph Jaramillo has been with the company for a little over seven years. Between the three, they offer over 75 years of Automotive Repair expertise and experience. TJ Warmington has been with us since he was a toddler.

We specialize in Old Fashion Service with Todays Technology. When most of our customers enter the building, they are greeted warmly, by name.  There is always someone available to listen to peoples concerns about their vehicles. It's always been important to us that people feel like we're listening when they talk. You can occasionally find one or all of our technicians still here working until 10 P.M. to make sure that a vehicle is finished if the owner has to have it.

We are happy to announce that Ralph Jaramillo has become a guru of electrical problems. He's amazed most of us with his ability to track down problems, we have even had several customers tow their vehicles here from dealerships that couldnt find the problem and Ralph was able to fix all of them! He's that good! Got a car that has a problem that everyone else has passed on? Give Ralph a shot, he'll fix it! He even rebuilt an entire wiring harness with over 188 wires from a squirrel chewing it all up.

Since 1986, we have been an active part of the community in Buda, sponsoring soccer, baseball, basketball, football and various other sports and functions. We are proud of what our community has grown into and are happy to have been a part of its growth.

With the price of fuel skyrocketing, its now more important than ever to make sure your vehicle is in optimal running condition. It will make a huge difference on your weekly fuel bill.

Going on vacation? Bring your vehicle in for a "trip check" and let our experienced technicians check your car out for any potential problems. Looking  to purchase a new vehicle? Schedule an appointment for our "eagle eyes" to check it over before you buy it. 

Call us at 512-295-2832 (295-BUDA) and schedule your appointment today!

The "Gang" at Buda Automotive at Christmas time! L-R Lorenzo Lara, TJ Warmington, Tony Sturdivant (our Parts supplier) Ralph Jaramillo and Tim Warmington
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