Buda Automotive
"Old Fashion Service with Today's Technology"

Buda Automotive offers honest, fast and reliable auto service. Our customers can vouch for it!

If you're happy with our service, please let us know! Email Budaauto2832@aol.com

I'm a 2nd generation Buda Auto customer. While growing up in Buda (and since we've moved to other places around Austin) my family has always taken our vehicles to Tim & co. The reason is simple: Trust. They're part of the community and they don't screw people. They don't diagnose extra stuff or pad the bill--they just fix what needs fixing. Once you meet 'em you'll be friends forever.
-Brad Emmons
South Austin

 Kathleen Anita Curtis-Taylor We've been taking our vehicles to Tim since 1995. They have always treated us well, charged a fair price and given us an honest opinion. That's over 15 years of satisfaction: Priceless! Thanks Tim and Ellie ♥

Tim and his Wrench Wranglers have worked on my family's vehicles for many years and their work has yet to leave me stranded. He's spent alot of time trying to find the parts needed for repairs when they weren't readily available. They've allowed us to pick up cars after work hours and kept them safe for us when we've been slow to get them. They stand behind their work and even seem to have a good time with their customers and their team. And they know individuals with special skills for things like convertible top repairs to save you time and money. Buda would be just another dog race town without Tim and Ellie's garage, and I've recommended them several times. ---J.A. Reilly

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