Ask our customers.....

  My family has trusted their vehicles to Buda Automotive since, well, forever. Brad E - Austin

 We  have been taking our cars to Buda Automotive for a few years now and we  will never go anywhere else! Tim and Ellie are not just great business  owners, they have  become great friends as well. We have never been able  to trust a  mechanic until meeting Tim and that is why we will always  depend on them  for all of our automotive needs! - Valerie   Buda Tx

 Only ones I trust to fix our cars. Honest, sweet n great people.  - Maria and Rick - Buda

 Great shop, great people and honest!  Love Tim Ellie and the guys!   Stephanie - Buda

 The  Warmington Family has been helping me with my vehicles since   1990-never mind.   They have always been honest, straight forward and   reasonable.   These are some of the finest people in Buda!  - Jeff    Buda Tx

 Good, honest work. I've learned to trust  these guys over the last 20  years. Not necessarily dealership repair,  but that seems a good thing to  me. They're perfectly happy to ziptie  something in place, after  discussing it with you, rather than demanding  you replace a $300 bracket  before they'll release a vehicle. But  they'll get that bracket, use it,  and add it to the bill if that's what  you want. Choices.   Norm - Buda Tx 


Kathleen Anita Curtis-Taylor   We've been taking our vehicles to Tim since 1995.  They have always   treated us well, charged a fair price and given us an honest opinion.    That's over 15 years of satisfaction: Priceless!  Thanks Tim and Ellie  ♥    

  Tim and his Wrench Wranglers have worked on my family's vehicles  for  many years and their work has yet to leave me stranded. He's spent  alot  of time trying to find the parts needed for repairs when they  weren't  readily available. They've allowed us to pick up cars after work  hours  and kept them safe for us when we've been slow to get them. They  stand  behind their work and even seem to have a good time with their   customers and their team. And they know individuals with special skills   for things like convertible top repairs to save you time and money.  Buda  would be just another dog race town without Tim and Ellie's  garage, and  I've recommended them several times.   ---J.A. Reilly

 Our go to mechanic shop! Great people and great repairs!  Betty Lou - Buda

 Wonderful human beings!  Great and dependable automotive service! -Terry - Buda

 known theses guys for ever great ppl and great work - Cody - Buda

Even Santa trusts his ride to us!